Project Statement of Work Template

1. Executive Summary

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This section of the Statement of Work (SOW) should provide a summary of the business need the organization is addressing with the project, the scope and characteristics of the product or project deliverable, and how the project and product align with the corporate strategy, goals, and objectives. The executive summary should consist of high-level language which provides a framework of the detail included in the subsequent SOW sections. This section may be completed last as the purpose is to summarize the details included in the other sections of the SOW.

Over the last several years, as a result of working closely with vendors and clients within the optical fiber networking marketplace, it has become apparent that as data and speed requirements grow our product lines must adapt accordingly. Arch Tech Fiber Corporation has always strived to remain at the forefront of new technology and innovation for the optical fiber market. Because of these new requirements and the capabilities within our organization, Arch Tech Fiber Corporation has identified that the need for a high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber product line must now become a reality. Arch Tech will move forward with the QuickLight project beginning in early 2012.

Arch Tech Fiber Corporation will proceed with the development of QuickLight Optical Fiber products in order to address the current business needs of higher speed and capacity for data transmission. This product line will replace our current MicroTube products as the flagship optical fiber product line for Arch Tech Fiber Corporation. QuickLight Optical Fiber will meet or exceed all current MicroTube geometrical and mechanical specifications. Additionally, QuickLight will be capable of significantly higher speeds for data and voice transmission and bandwidth capacity.

By providing these increased capabilities, the QuickLight project directly aligns with Arch Tech’s corporate strategy of utilizing new technology to remain the preeminent provider of optical fiber. Capital investment in new product development to expand our customer base and market share is one of Arch Tech’s corporate goals.

2. Business Need

This section of the Statement of Work (SOW) describes the business need of the organization which resulted in the creation of the project. This business need may be based on new technology developments, the need to reduce costs, market demand, or the creation of new legal or regulatory requirements. All projects must align with a business need and organizational strategy.

Arch Tech Fiber Corporation has approved the creation of the QuickLight Fiber Project as a result of new technology requirements in optical fiber communication in the global marketplace. Over the last five years, communication companies and other users of optical fiber networks have determined that data and voice transmission requirements would need to grow in order to meet increasing demands for speed and capacity. Arch Tech Fiber Corp. has worked closely with many of its largest clients in order to understand these new requirements and identify ways by which to fulfill these greater demands. Organizations require greater capacity as data transmission needs over fiber networks grow. Additionally, greater speeds are required for data transmission in order to meet the needs and demands of an ever-growing global marketplace. The QuickLight Fiber Project is intended to address and meet these demands by developing a product which surpasses all current capacity and speed specifications. Over the next two years QuickLight fiber will be developed and used in high-speed, high-capacity data and voice networks across Arch Tech’s client base.

Starting in the third year after product release, Arch Tech Fiber Corporation will replace our current MicroTube product with QuickLight as the company’s flagship product line. By continually engineering solutions which meet and exceed client and market requirements, Arch Tech can maintain its position among the most reputable optical fiber providers in the world.

3. Product Scope Description

This part of the Statement of Work describes the scope of the product which will be created by the project. Some of the elements to be included in this section are key characteristics of the product, features and functions of the product, and the relationship between the product and the business need it addresses. It is important to note that the product scope differs greatly from project scope. While project scope deals with all of the work involved to complete the project, product scope pertains only to the product or service which is the project’s deliverable.

The QuickLight Fiber Project has been approved to design, develop, produce, and manufacture the QuickLight Fiber product. Arch Tech Fiber Corp. views this product as the replacement of our current flagship product line and the product scope requires faster voice and data transmission as well as greater transmission capacity in order to meet the organizations business need. The QuickLight product scope consists of the following characteristics:


  • Optimization for 3.0 and 12 Gbps operation
  • Capable of up to 50 Gbps operation with commercially available dispersion compensation devices
  • Over 320 channels in C, L, and S bands
  • Compatibility with existing optical fiber appliances, devices, splicing and installation techniques and practices


Attenuation Performance Criteria

1310 nm< 0.35 dB/km
1550 nm< 0.30 dB/km
1625 nm< 0.25 dB/km


Environmental Performance Criteria

Environmental TestTesting ConditionsInduced Attenuation
Temperature Cycling– 50 degrees C to 80 degrees C< 0.05 dB/km
Water Immersion21 days; 23 degrees C< 0.05 dB/km
Dry Heat30 days; 80 degrees C<0.05 dB/km
Damp Heat30 days; 80 degrees C; 90% humidity< 0.05 dB/km


Mechanical Specifications:

  • Tensile Strength for 0.5m gauge length: median > 575 kpsi
  • Average jacket strip force 1N to 3N
  • Maximum allowable jacket strip force < 6.5N
  • Maximum standard length >25km

All QuickLight characteristics and features were established to meet or exceed those in place with Arch Tech’s current MicroTube product line. The QuickLight product scope will enable Arch Tech Corp. to meet the business needs of the project by providing a product which sets new standards in data and voice transmission speed and capacity.

4. Strategic Plan

This section of the Statement of Work describes the organizational strategic plan and how it relates to the project and its deliverables. In an effective organization, all projects must have executive support and be aligned with organizational strategies, goals, and objectives. Approved projects, and their resulting products or services must support these strategies in order to contribute to the organization accomplishing its goals and objectives.

Arch Tech Fiber Corporation’s strategic plan includes the continual development of improved optical fiber product offerings. This applies both to niche segments, like aerial and buried optical fiber products, and standard product lines like our current MicroTube products. Arch Tech is using the development of new technology to achieve two of its strategic goals. First, by developing the QuickLight product line, Arch Tech will maintain its position at the forefront of the optical fiber marketplace with the highest capacity and speed line of optical fiber products. Secondly, Arch Tech will use the QuickLight product line to replace the current MicroTube product line in order to use capital and investments on new technologies as opposed to outdated product lines which currently flood the market.

By moving to the QuickLight product line Arch Tech anticipates improving its existing optical fiber market share which also supports its strategic plan. This is primarily due to the fact that no other optical fiber provider has a product capable of the speed and capacity of QuickLight. By continuing down this path of new technology development, exceptional service, and targeting attractive acquisition targets, Arch Tech will maintain its position as the preeminent provider of optical fiber technologies throughout the world.

5. Approvals

The project Statement of Work (SOW) is a document with which approval is granted or denied to move forward with the creation of a project charter. Therefore, the document should receive approval or disapproval from its executive review board.

The signatures of the people below indicate an understanding in the purpose and content of this document by those signing it. By signing this document you indicate that you approve of the proposed project outlined in this Statement of Work and that the next steps may be taken to create a formal project charter in accordance with the details outlined herein.

Approver NameTitleSignatureDate
Black, J.President and COO
Brown, A.Executive VP